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Audiovox 8940 Fitted Leather Case

NEW Audiovox 8940  fitted leather case, IN STOCK Fast Shipping, 100% buyer protection. Designed to Fit Your Audiovox 8940 Cellular Phone Perfectly.  Euro-Style offers excellent protection without sacrificing quality. The heavy nylon tread and leather construction insures maximum durability, while the clear plastic covers over the screen and keypad to keep the integral parts of your phone well-protected during daily use. All of our cases come with: Vinyl Keypad Cover Detachable hand strap Steel Belt Clip Heavy Duty 14 gage nylon stitching All leather cases are specifically designed to FIT your specific Audiovox 8940 phone model and comes with a our commitment - We stand by the quality of our leather cases with an unconditional 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. ORDER NOW! Phone offered By: Sprint PCS Verizon Wireless Audiovox 8940 case Audiovox 8940case

Price: 6.99

LG AX5000 Car Chargers Set of Two

LG AX5000 SET OF TWO CHARGERS, One Low Price Q: WHY TWO?  A: CONVENIENCE. The average family has 2 cars so we thought you'd like one in each. HIGHLIGHTS...     *  TWO LG AX5000 Rapid Charging Car Chargers     *  IC Chip Technology Rapidly charges battery to 99% capacity     *  Trickle Charge Technology conditions fully charged battery     *  Red Light Charging Indicator     *  Heavy Duty Coil cord     *  LG AX5000 New Snap-In Connector     *  Do no pay full retail, wholesale direct from us     *  100% Buyer Protection Guarantee    Fits LG AX5000 Cellphone. AX5000 sold by Verizon Wireless, Tmobile, Sprint PCS. Cingular Wireless, US Cellular. Nokiacarcharger LG AX5000 Snap-on Rapid Car ChargerMANUFACTURING STANDARDS:   Each LG AX5000 car charger is manufactured in our ISO 9002 certified factory and meets or exceeds all OEM/Government Specifications. Remember, we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. Buying Power =  low-price on quality products.

Price: 9.99

Motorola t300p Accessory Package Deal

NEW Motorola t300p Fitted Leather Case Included! Flip Phone accessory Pack Fast Shipping, 100% buyer protection, Everything IN STOCK. * Two Quality Rapid Charging Car Chargers with IC Chip Battery protection. * Fitted Leather Case with Steel Belt Clip (Exclusive), * Headset Hands free with Boom Noise Canceling Mic * Antenna Booster, as seen on TV for $19.99 * Universal Belt Clip attaches with 3M tape. * Car dash mount bracket that works with Belt Clip Each Item Individually wrapped, great as gifts. Additional Specs: Quality car chargers with IC Chip, Metal Tip (not plastic like most others), and Heavy duty coil cord and connectors that will not fray. Will charge Motorola t300p Lithium Ion Batteries safely. Fitted leather case with reinforced nylon thread stitching, hand strap and steel belt clip. Headset offers great sound without the bulkiness. Super great deal. Ships FAST. Tracking number sent via email same day product is shipped. Complete money back guarantee. Motorola t300p Phone not included. Sold by Cingular, Verizon, tmobile, sprint, us cellular, cellularone GSM Phone. Motorolat300p, Motorolat300paccessory, Motorola t300p accessory

Price: 19.99

LG 510 / TP 1100 Long Lasting BATTERY 1400MAH SILVER

LG 510 Extended lithium ion battery 1400mah Battery Capacity: 1400mah high-density 3.7V Grade A Japanese cells Type: Lithium Ion, No memory effect, IC Smart Chip Technology Perfect Fit, Finish, Color to match your 510 Excedes OEM/Government Specifications 100% Buyer Protection Guarantee. Color: White (Internal battery) 510 cellphones Each 510 Extended Life Battery is tested before it leaves our ISO 9002 Certified Factory and meets or exceeds all OEM/Government standards. Each battery charging cycle gives you over 50% more power integrity over cells produced in China. In other words, our 510 batteries have a cycle life over 500 charges where most others have up to 300 cycles @ - 20% degradation.   In addition to our current battery line, our factory manufactures batteries for several OEM names such as Alcatel, Siemens, Toshiba and others. Buying Power =  low-price on quality products.

Price: 19.99

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HP CB004A Bluetooth Printer Card for HP Deskjet 450 and 460 Series Mobile Printers

HP CB004A Bluetooth Printer Card for HP Deskjet 450 and 460 Series Mobile Printers
Enjoy true mobile freedom with HP's wireless printing solution. With the HP Bluetooth printer card installed in your printer's CompactFlash slot, you can easily print from a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices, with no cables slowing you down.

Customer Review: In concept, a great feature to add

The 460 is a great little printer, I bring it on business trips all the time, and people are always excited to see it (to print boarding passes, contracts, etc.)

I was interested in going completely wireless using the battery and this BT card, but it is SLOW. It's directly next to my laptop right now and it took about 5 minutes to print a page that took no more than 20 seconds over USB. The file was not that large either.

It is quicker to fly back home, pick up a USB cable, fly back, and use that cable than it is to print off a few documents over Bluetooth using this card.

But, in concept it would have been a great feature to add to an otherwise amazing and functional portable printer. (Now, if this printer could scan and fax over VoIP/IP as well, that would be orgasmic!)

Customer Review: Good only for text, not graphics

Plus sides: Works flawlessly with a MacBook running OSX-Leopard. Simply pair it up using the little Bluetooth icon in the menubar, and then it automatically appears in your printer list complete with printer driver. To access the HP toolbox to do alignments and view ink levels and set print quality and such, simply open the print queue for the printer, and click on the little "Toolbox" icon at the right-top of the print queue window. It all Just Worked(tm), which is a testament to both the Mac and to HP.

Minus sides: As with all Bluetooth devices, fairly short range (will work across a room, will *not* work from a different room). *EXCRUCIATINGLY* slow at printing graphics via Bluetooth -- a photo that took about 45 seconds to print via USB managed to print about 1 inch of photo after 5 minutes on Bluetooth.

All in all, it works well for what it is, but runs into the limits of Bluetooth -- i.e., slow and short range -- and thus I can't really recommend it unless you just absolutely *have* to be wireless for some reason. It works, but is a poor value. Just plug in a USB cable and be done with it.

Silver Bluetooth Style Wired Handsfree Headset Headphones for NEC 515 525

Silver Bluetooth Style Wired Handsfree Headset Headphones for NEC 515 525

ibiza Rhapsody H1A030BK 30 GB Wi-Fi/MP3 Player by Haier (Black)

ibiza Rhapsody H1A030BK 30 GB Wi-Fi/MP3 Player by Haier (Black)
The wireless Ibiza Rhapsody instantly connects over-the-air to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos with a press of a Wireless Hot Button. Or install included Rhapsody software on your computer to transfer your own music, videos, or photos. A free 30-day trial for Rhapsody To Go allows you to search over 4-million song library and play or save music in seconds. You can also listen to free, non-stop Rhapsody Channels in any genre, without ads. Listen to up to 25 new songs a month, or play 25 Rhapsody Channels, without any monthly fee. Use your Ibiza Rhapsody to enjoy free AOL Videos on-demand for hours of constantly updated entertainment. Browse and stream the latest from the AOL Video library. With Ibiza Rhapsody, you can take your favorite podcasts with you. The Ibiza Rhapsody uses the wireless connection to automatically update nearly 1000 categorized podcasts that you choose. A quick Internet search and you're on your way to downloading that song from Rhapsody. AirSkins automatically theme your player with styles, graphics, pictures and colors in one click. Dedicated volume controls High-Speed mini-B USB 2.0 1/8 Stereo headphone with composite Advanced docking connector Unit Dimensions - Height 4-1/8 x Width 2-3/8 x Depth 5/8 Units Weight - 3.0 Ounces

Customer Review: Great PMP

I have never been one for fancy music players. If it plays music, I am good. I was looking for a replacement for my Dell Jukebox (which I would still use if the battery lasted more than 4 hours), and I had a few requirements. It had to have a large amount of space to hold music, have good reviews, and use the Plays for Sure subscription service. The Haier Ibiza Rhapsody fit the bill and more.

After thinking about going with a IPod, Zune, or other device, I found the Ibiza to be better for me because Rhapsody is my subscription service, and the fact that I could connect, stream and download music through Wi-Fi stopped my search. After reading further, I found that it also could play video, and connect via blue tooth wireless. This enabled me to have the freedom of music discovery without being connected to my computer, and not have to worry about wired headphones. I feel the FM Radio that is included to be a useless extra, but others may like it.

I have now had the device for about a month, and I am very pleased with my purchase. The sound quality is really very good, even through my Bluetooth headphones. The Rhapsody interface allows me to find artist that are "like" the ones I am listening to and sample playlists and channels. And if I like it, I can save it to the 30GB HD on board. The d

Customer Review: Amazing Little Package

I bought this as an upgrade from a Sansa Sandisk e200 for my Rhapsody subscription.

Out of the box, it needed a charge but that's not unusual for consumer electronics.

If you are an existing Rhapsody user, don't bother using the included CD. The install messed up the install of Rhapsody on my computer and I had to uninstall and reinstall it from the Rhapsody website.

I got it hooked up using Wi-Fi at the office (we have a "guest" hotspot for visitors) and at home. I had it check for firmware updates which it downloaded and applied automatically.

The sound quality is really good.

The ability to load and play videos is a nice touch.

The screen is beautiful and the use of album art is well done. Additionally, just like other Rhapsody devices, you can download channels and play them back offline while still getting album art, artist bios, etc.

The fact that the player includes WiFi and Bluetooth support are just icing on the cake. I take the player to the gym and use my Motorola bluetooth headphones to listen to music while the player is sitting in the cup holder or is safely in my pocket.

I was considering an Apple iPod Touch (32GB) but Apple doesn't offer a subscription model for music. That's a big deal to me. Sure, I could download music illegally but the cost of getting caught isn't worth it. Also, I'm not interested in "owning" music since my tastes change and for the cost of one (1) CD a month, I can download and take hundreds of albums with me.

The only things that keep me from giving this product a 5 out of 5 are the following:

* WiFi antenna doesn't seem to pick up signals as well as laptops which limits my range.

* Data transfer rate from PC to player over USB 2.0 seems slow even when the music or video files are stored locally on the PC. (Of course, it could be just that I'm used to a flash-based player with 1/3 of the capacity too.)

* Some of the podcasts don't load or the RSS feeds appear to not have any updates.

* Text entry is cumbersome and there is no software interface to load podcasts/podcast feeds or browser favorites from your PC.

* No instructions for existing Rhapsody users (i.e. they assume you are a brand new Rhapsody user).

All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase and look forward to any added functionality that the manufacturer builds into future firmware updates.

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